Where is the best place to buy a used car in Hickory?

There are so many dealerships in Hickory, and so little time to find the right one. Check out Paramount for a huge selection on one lot. If you are just getting started in your search, you will find the most options to figure out what you really want here.

What about trucks, vans, etc.?

Paramount covers all vehicle types. There are specialty shops for commercial vehicles, but even in this circumstance there are leasing options for others as well.

What is the cheapest place to buy a used car?

Cheapest or highest risk? Getting approved for auto financing is one thing, but aiming to be cheap can land you in a clunker that will cost more in maintenance than you can afford. High mileage cars with no maintenance records will be cheap. The chance they were abused and will break down on you are high.

What should I look out for when buying a used car?

Rust from salt. Cars from colder climates, even in NC, will often be rusted out underneath from salt. Make sure to see the undercarriage. You don’t want a hole in your floorboard.

Knocking sounds. Some less than ethical businesses use thick or other harmful oils to cover up the sound of a dying engine. Make sure your car has the proper oil as this alone can be a sign of problems.

Missing parts. Check for missing covers throughout the car. This may be a sign of other parts being replaced by a sloppy mechanic.

Tires. Mismatched tires or uneven wear could indicate alignment problems or an owner who did not do any maintenance on the car. Double check to verify the tire sizes actually match what the car recommends as some take shortcuts.

Can you give tips on where to buy a used car for sale?

While certified-preowned cars are significantly better, you can usually find a great deal with a trustworthy business. Check reviews online, ask around, and inspect the car for yourself. Again, we suggest Paramount Auto as your first stop for finding a quality used car in Hickory, NC.

What is buy here pay here?

Buy here, pay here is a pitch many dealers in the Hickory area are using to help aid in financing.

What is a used car “superstore”?

Superstores have been catching on with the franchise-dealership businesses popping up. We recommend getting to know your dealer in person. Auto sales are flooded with shady salesmen and business practices, which is why it is important to find someone trustworthy in the Hickory area. Look for dealers who have been around a long time in the Hickory community.